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How We Help the Victims

  • Public Outreach: Our goal is to be a catalyst for social change that seeks to reveal the harsh realities of human trafficking and to change the cultural norms that surround the issue. We urge people to action through grassroots activism which is leveraged by online communications and mass media. Program efforts focus on raising awareness through Freedom Chain drives. We believe that by increasing understanding of human trafficking, more victims will be rescued and protected and more traffickers will be identified and prosecuted.

  • Rescue and Shelter: Rescue efforts support the physical, psychological and educational needs of the survivors of human trafficking. Shelter provides a safe home for young victims who are in immediate need; victims are introduced to an environment where they can grow until they reach an appropriate age to care for themselves and live on their own.

  • Medical Care: Most victims have been exposed to sexually transmitted diseases and sadly, many suffer permanent damage to their reproductive organs. The primary objective of our medical care component is to provide HIV/AIDS testing, check-ups and treatment to victims. Medical care is supplied through in-house medical clinics, and when necessary, through outside clinics or specialized hospitals.

  • Psychological Counseling: Psychologists in rescue shelters face the principal task of restoring mental well-being to victims. However, the trauma induced by someone the victim once trusted often results in a pervasive mistrust of others and the motives of others. Victims of human trafficking may suffer from anxiety, panic disorder, grave depression, substance abuse, or eating disorders as well as any combination of these illnesses. Psychologists deliver appropriate treatment to patients by evaluating and addressing the mental health issues of each victim individually.

  • Education: Vocational training, in addition to courses in basic literacy, mathematics and life skills, are offered to assist survivors in finding employment and gaining financial independence. From victim to survivor, from survivor to thriving citizen, each individual is enthusiastically encouraged to develop his/her own enterprises and become self-reliant.

  • Social Reintegration: Contact with survivors is maintained even after they have left the shelter to ensure long-term independence. The process of reintegration is complex and extensive, best accomplished through an approach that thoroughly addresses the significant social constraints survivors face when returning to society.

  • Fair Trade & Supply Chain Transparency: We believe that the majority of people are willing to pay more for goods or services that are not produced through slave labor or child exploitation. We therefore seek to raise awareness among consumers to select vendors who implement fair trade standards and to make informed buying decisions.


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