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Video: Truckers Band Together to Fight Human Trafficking


They can't be -- him anyway the eyes and the -- of America's.

Highways and now US truckers are banding together.

In the epic fight against human trafficking especially among children Casey Stegall live in Las Vegas on this topic of -- problem is that.

-- Casey good morning bill epic maybe it.

Good morning epic maybe an understatement get this according to the human trafficking resource editor this is a 32 billion dollar industry worldwide.

And the problem is especially troubling as it pertains to children the US Department of Justice estimates.

Between 400000.

American kids are at risk of entering the sex for sale industry.

Every single year.

Some children are abducted and then sold off to them it's others our -- and perhaps from a broken home.

With false promises of a better life.

They're very vulnerable.

At risk -- Com and these creditors sink their hooks and make them feel bad.

They -- gonna provide them an avenue to a very successful life and through that process they'd exploit them into the sex industry.

The problem is especially bad here in Las Vegas in fact the police department considers -- city.

Ground zero bill for this trafficking problem and how is that trucking industry helping out here.

Well that's interesting because it makes perfect sense considering there are thousands and thousands of truckers navigating the country's highways day and night.

Which is how the truckers against trafficking program.

Was born -- basically.

Trucking companies and associations are now training drivers on what to look for and how to report suspicious activity.

Truck stops where many of these victims are shopped around for sex.

Posters are being put up instructional dvds are being shown.

Nevada just one state bill in a growing list now joining this effort to fight the problem Casey thank you -- he goes on that story in Las Vegas of that.


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