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With mark -- who is a senior vice president.

Four compassion international.

He joins us now over Skype it's good to see you -- could not believe when I read some of the research for this discussion.

Not that we're about to have that there are more slaves around the world today than there -- And they're really have been -- any other time.

Why is this such a big problem and and we areas it's such a big problem.

Also believe that's that's absolutely true and you know slavery ended here.

In the United States decades ago but in the developing world that is absolutely not the case slavery is still a significant measure around the world.

What's going on these are these these are women I was reading these are children.

That are being sold as sex slaves.

I mean I just cannot believe that this is going on that it is wise -- widespread as it is.

In in the developing world there are over 27.

Million people.

Involved in slavery and end.

Half of those below 50% of those are children which is just absolutely tragic.

And so from a from a compassion international perspective or we are working to release children from poverty in Jesus name this is where we put our focus and and 80% of those of those kids the vast majority of those kids are in sexual exploitation and sexual trafficking which is.

Tragic -- even more so.

And their place in these situations mark I was reading them in many cases by their own mothers who are also.

In the sex --

Right well we didn't hasn't it that's right we're we're compassion realize that part of the the root cause of slavery and the sexual exploitation.

Of sexual trafficking is.

Poverty related issues and so.

Oftentimes children.

Themselves or even even those that they are -- Be protected by put them in situations just because of the dire poverty.

That -- in which that's what compassionate acts.

We'll talk to us about what you guys are doing -- compassion international.

How do you combat this obviously.

Talking about it is we are right now it's something that helps to raise awareness but what else is being being done what else can be done.

Right well we believe that the best way to prevent a child.

From getting into this sexual exploitation.

Trade -- in the world does suit is to just prevent -- prevention is that He is the is the most.

Effective in most efficient.

Deterrent against that so we attack poverty from.

A whole integrated show perspective obviously we believe that.

People -- poverty in this sell its its economic.

And that's true there is a great deal of economics as the release of poverty but it's people are not.

Are not just economic beings -- whole -- they are a spiritual beings physical beings.

Emotional being social beings and so compassionate program really attacks poverty.

From a whole integrated child standpoint -- our programs.

Put them together and we -- every one of the children that we work with we were more over one point two.

Million children.

Throw 26 the countries and by by the -- in the 26 countries who -- in nineteen of those countries.

Are in -- tier two category and that was that was classified rather it does the State Department.

As a category four heavy activity -- significant problems slavery so we attack already from -- From a whole integrated child.

Standpoint well I'm so glad that you're doing that.

Brazil is a country I I really need to have this problem is so widespread and at the same time it's a country that is about to be put on the world stage probably -- focused than ever before with.

World Cup soccer being played there the Olympics coming up.

In Rio.

Couple -- from now down the line.

And and I and I understand that having those big events being hosted by Brazil has even made the sex trade.

Even more lucrative.

Absolutely and it's extremely tragic and unfortunate.

People realize that the world is going to be flocking.

To these countries that have -- these types of activities which -- their greed activities but.

It also creates can create significant problems so a real well those activity -- we have got his start now in.

Protecting goes shoulder and and those in those countries.

Through educations.

And getting them into programs what compassion has.

So that they they can realize -- I don't have to live like this this is not a way.

Out for me for poverty and started slowing to only enslave them to poverty.

And and things worse as C.

Mark Hamlin is a senior vice president it USA for compassion international.

And I would urge our viewers out there mark to go and learn more about what -- organization is doing.

And to read your piece which is up now on our website at

Thank you very much mark for putting.

Putting a focus on this this very very troubling story we appreciate the information.

Marquez thanks again thank you thank you for -- letting it.


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