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Video: Partisan Gridlock Endangering Human Trafficking Legislation


The lawmakers in Washington at serious odds -- legislation against human trafficking.

But a new report suggests that the stalemate is not purely political.

Jonathan Serrie live on that it -- till what is at stake Jonathan.

Hi bill will Congressional Quarterly reports that much of the standoff is over a disagreement on women's health issues but in the past Republicans and Democrats were able to achieve consensus on this when they passed this law originally in 2000 and then re authorized it three times since.

It's the trafficking victims protection act and it imposes stiff federal penalties.

On traffickers and funds programs to assist police and prosecutors as well as victims.

Advocates say the law has to be updated every few years to adapt to the changing methods of the traffickers and continue funding efforts to catch them and help their victims.

World vision a Christian organization that supports humanitarian projects.

Including this recovery center for children rescued from trafficking in Cambodia is concerned about what will happen if congress fails to act.


This is gonna have a real impact on and on innocent lives.

Here in the US and across the globe.

And we really feel that it's time for both parties to stop playing politics with slavery.

And -- of world vision says if congress fails to act it will send the wrong message to other governments.

In countries with human trafficking problems bill was there was one time when this law had the support of bipartisan majorities.

So what what's driving the gridlock.

You know it just goes to show just how polarize.

The environment has become you have.

Neither party able to complete to claim a majority of the voters or how -- a clear mandate and so this standoff is symptomatic of this new political normal where these polarized voters.

In any given election can tip the balance of which party controls the house senate or White House list.

Neither party isn't assured majority so -- thinks they really have to accommodate together we're giving him so they don't have the same kind of incentive to compromise.

And in fact they think they get stronger in reacting.

Against the agenda of their political opponents.

Every political science professor describes it as scenario where you essentially have to.

Minority party's bill Jonathan -- watch in that out of Atlanta Jonathan thank you are certainly.


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