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Video: Human Trafficking - A Growing Epidemic


We're talking about human trafficking right now it is a global problem but it's quickly gaining local media attention.

As people learn how prevalent problem is in cities such as Atlanta Phoenix New York among other cities and Elizabeth -- is now with his permit lancet.

With more in this disturbing story hi Elizabeth.

Yes hi I felt good to see over the past couple weeks.

-- really been taking a look at the growing epidemic of human trafficking we've been looking at how.

Law enforcement are cracking down on the John's in the predators have also been looking at how lawmakers are passing.

Stricter lies against human traffickers but now are really taking a look at what.

Corporations are doing and one in particular man power group.

-- power is one of the largest job placement and consulting firms in the world that has presence and more than 95 countries more than 4000 offices.

Across the globe the company's executives and employees tell us that they have taken it in the human trafficking epidemic.

Head on in fact they're leading a global example was in here.

And then I was led into the absolutely scary and dreadful statistics so.

More than 30000 people a day being trafficked.

-- fourteen million people traffic on an annual basis around the world many of them women and children so we think it's important not just to communicate this to our employees because when -- them in doing something about it.

But also to the external business community.

Because I still go to chairman and CEO also a very large companies.

And say what are you doing about human trafficking -- checking a supply chain.

What are you doing to make sure that no way in the world are you using human beings is a commodity.

human trafficking is the second fastest and largest illegal industry in fact -- behind drug trafficking and it's generates about.

Thirty billion dollars a year according to some experts here's the data -- listen about why it's growing so quickly listen.

Cartels and criminal gangs loved trafficking because they can use the commodity -- they call it time and time and time again.

Actually go to -- huge.

Pandemic disease human trafficking but we got to step up and trying -- about it.

So what are other companies doing beside me and power look at -- delta and Coca-Cola there are also taking on the issue because Atlanta -- being home.

To add you know one of the world's busiest airports.

The airline of the south Delta Airlines says it's training its pilots -- flight attendants.

Until look at warning signs not only with their employees but also with their customer base -- as they say it does exist.

Listen here.

It does exist -- XL player.

And -- read the news and see who those people are you would be amazed that they're coming out of corporate America and they're coming out of country companies.

In this area.

And -- for example that delta has put.

A lot of their pilots and they are stewards.

Through training to be -- of things to look for to be aware of the signs and signals.

A -- headaches that's -- you heard -- on -- as CEO says that they are educating women throughout throughout corporations across the globe become more educated.

Look for warning signs in and power than I'd -- to change what's going on I found that's a very complex issue.

Unfortunately there are no simple answers Elizabeth friend thank you good to see.


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