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Video and Audio on Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling

Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling - Video and Audio


UNODC has developed both Video and Audio guides to raise awareness of human trafficking and Smuggling of Migrants among those who are vulnerable to trafficking, and those who are empowered to act against these crimes.



Ways and Means - Awareness Raising Video Clip on Smuggling of Migrants

Affected for Life language versions



Training Film

Affected for Life

Download: Arabic - French - English - PortugueseSpanish - Russian

Affected for life is a training and awareness raising tool.

Duration: 13:36 and 23:38
watch long version (English)
watch short version (English) This 13 minute version is an abbreviation of the longer 23 minute version of the full-length training film.

Download language versions: Arabic - French - English - Spanish - Russian

Affected for Life promotes awareness of human trafficking. The film is targeted at prosecutors, judges, law enforcement officers and other specialized audiences, and illustrates the elements and different forms of human trafficking. The film is available in both full-length and abbreviated versions in Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish.



Expert Interviews

Transnational Organized Crime in the Fishing Industry

Shaun Driscoll discusses the involvement of Transnational Organized Crime in the Fishing Industry. A study on this issue has been published by UNODC's Anti-Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling Unit.

Duration: 11:37
Download video


Dr. Joana Daniel-Wrabetz, Dr. Joana Daniel-Wrabetz, Anti-human trafficking training expert and former Director of the Observatory on Trafficking in Human Beings (Portugal), talks about the usage of the Anti-Human Trafficking Manual in the global efforts to combat trafficking in persons. Dr. Daniel-Wrabetz has been the coordinator of the Manual's translation into Portuguese.

Download video


Mexico takes lead in launching national campaign against human trafficking

Mexico launching national campaign against human trafficking...


Date: 14-04-2010


UNODC Technical Assistance in combating human trafficking and migrant smuggling

In the margins of the Working Group on Trafficking in Persons, UNODC hosted a side event to brief delegates on the technical assistance UNODC offers to States parties in combating human trafficking and migrant smuggling. Presentations of UNODC expert panelists can be viewed below:

Ms. Doris Buddenburg, Senior Manager of AHTMSU/UN.GIFT introduces UNODC's anti-trafficking and migrant smuggling technical assistance work and expert panelists.

Ms. Riikka Puttonen, Officer in Charge of UNODC's Anti-Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling Unit (AHTMSU), on criminal justice system response.

Ms. Silke Albert, Crime Prevention Expert at AHTMSU, on victim protection and support.

Ms. Julie Kvammen, Associate Expert at UNODC Regional Office for Middle East and North Africa, on research and data collection

Ms. Olga Zudova, Senior Legal Adviser at UNODC Central Asia Regional Office, on international criminal justice cooperation.

Mr. Alun Jones, Chief of Advocacy on the Blue Heart Campaign to raise awareness about human trafficking.

Mr. Felipe De La Torre, Crime Prevention Expert on Trafficking in Persons in the UNODC Mexico and Central America Regional Office, on the practical preventative power of awareness raising, in the context of the Blue Heart campaign in Mexico.

From Left to Right: Mr. Alun Jones, Ms. Silke Albert, Mr Felipe De La Torre, Ms. Doris Buddenburg, Ms. Julie Kvammen, Ms. Olga Zudova and Ms. Riikka Puttonen



Launch of Anti-Human Trafficking Training Manual by US Ambassador-at-large, Luis CdeBaca (28 August 2009)

On the 28th of August at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok, the United Nations Anti-Human Trafficking Manual for Criminal Justice Practitioners was launched.

Duration: 09:30


Awareness Raising

Ways and Means - Awareness Raising Video Clip on Smuggling of Migrants

Download: English

Duration: 0:60s

watch 60 seconds (English)

Read more about the context here.




Open Your Eyes to Human Trafficking (2008)

To coincide with the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking, UN.GIFT produced a Public Service Announcement video spot. The theme - a man walks through a market without realising the human trafficking crimes happening around him - calls for people to open their eyes to human trafficking.

Duration: 0:30 and 0:60
download (30 second version)
download (60 second version)


Cleaning Woman (2003)

The spot calls on the general public to take action against human trafficking by showing a woman helping a victim escape her forced labour situation. UNODC worked closely with local partners in the distribution of the spot to add a telephone hotline number at the end for help or more information.

Duration: 0:45


Telephone (2003)

This spot seeks to empower victims of human trafficking by showing that it may be possible to escape forced labour situations. UNODC worked closely with local partners in the distribution of the spot to add a telephone number where victims are able to receive assistance and support.

Duration: 0:45


Better Future (2002)

The focus of this award-winning spot is the trafficking in men, women and children for forced labour, such as in factories, fields or as domestic servants. The spot aims to warn potential victims about the dangers of trafficking, and to raise awareness among the general public of this growing problem.

Duration: 0:30 and 0:60


Work Abroad (2001)

Young women who are at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking networks are the focus of this Public Service Announcement. The spot uses powerful images to reveal the harsh realities behind attractive job offers abroad, and seeks to educate potential victims of the dangers involved in human trafficking.


Duration: 0:30 and 0:60

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UNODC Expert discusses human trafficking in Africa

AHTMSU Crime Prevention Expert Mr. Usman Haruna discusses human trafficking in Africa on the occassion of the launch of AU.COMMIT - an intitiative of the African Union to fight human trafficking.

Duration: 12.33


Emma Thompson: Elena's Story

Through her work with victims of human trafficking, Emma Thompson felt inspired to take action. She said that Elena's story, 'somehow contained the seeds of a rebirth and also of a creative act that could be taken'. So, she joined forces with fellow artists to create "Journey".

Duration: 3:40


UNODC Expert discusses human trafficking in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a place of origin, transit and destination for victims of human trafficking. The country currently has no specific law to deal with this crime, but legal drafters are working on Afghanistan's first Anti-Trafficking Law. Riikka Puttonen, a legal expert with the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, discusses the trafficking situation in Afghanistan with Louise Potterton.

Duration: 8:35


Child Trafficking in Vietnam

Children from Vietnam are being trafficked to the UK, where they're forced to work in cannabis factories. UNODC is working on projects in Vietnam to prevent human trafficking and is assisting the UK and Vietnamese police authorities in tackling this crime. Troels Vester, Crime Prevention Expert, discusses the issue with Louise Potterton.

Duration: 8:35


What is UN.GIFT?

Troels Vester from UNODC's Anti-Human Trafficking Unit speaks about UN.GIFT. Read more on the Initiative

Duration: 7:6


Support the Fight against Human Trafficking

A series of audio public service announcements has been produced within the framework of UN.GIFT. Using real-life examples from around the globe, these radio spots show that by joining forces actino can be taken against this crime. UNODC encourages broadcasters around the world to support UN.GIFT by airing these PSAs. For information on UN.GIFT visit

Duration each: 0:30
PSA 1 - Victims can be freed from situations of exploitation download
PSA 2 - Traffickers can be caught and brought to justice I download
PSA 3 - Traffickers can be caught and brought to justice II download
PSA 4 - Victims can be rehabilitated and start new lives download


UNODC Anti- Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling

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UNODC Migrant Smuggling News Feed

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