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UNODC under the framework of CRIMJUST pays special attention to maximizing the impact of its work through operational partnerships and to avoiding duplication of efforts. Technical assistance activities are undertaken in close partnership and cooperation with INTERPOL and Transparency International (TI) 


As an implementing partner, INTERPOL seeks to prevent and fight crime through enhanced cooperation and innovation on police and security matters. Under the framework of CRIMJUST, INTERPOL focus on strengthening national capacities of law enforcement officers to collect evidence for successful prosecutions of organized crime and drug trafficking cases, as well as to exchange data and conduct joint investigations on the inter-regional level.  

  Transparency International

As an implementing partner, Transparency International is working with Civil Societies Organizations (CSOs) to assess and promote integrity conditions relating to the delivery of law enforcement and access to justice free from the abuse of power. The main focus is to strengthen the CSOs to support the government integrity efforts within the law enforcement and criminal justice entities for more effective investigations, prosecutions and  cooperation to tackle organized crime.

CRIMJUST seeks to create synergies with existing initiatives aiming to counter drug trafficking, and related organized crime, including:

- West African Network of Central Authorities and Prosecutors against Organized Crime (WACAP)

- Ibero-American Network of Anti-drug Prosecutors (RFAI)

- The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol)

- European Judicial Network (EJN)

Additionally, CRIMJUST collaborates closely with UNODC regional offices namely, UNODC Regional Office for Central America and the Caribbean in Panama, UNODC Country Office in Colombia, UNODC Country Office in Peru and Ecuador, UNODC Country Office in Bolivia, UNODC for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, UNODC Country Office in Nigeria and UNODC Regional Office for West and Central Africa to ensure effective coordination in developing an integrated UNODC approach to combat drug trafficking and organized crime.

For further information:

INTERPOL Website - Connecting Police for a safer World

Transparency International  Website - The global coalition against Corruption 

UNODC Regional Office for Central America and the Caribbean in Panama

UNODC Country Office in Colombia (COCOL)

UNODC Country Office in Peru and Ecuador (COPER)

UNODC Country Office in Nigeria (CONIG) 

UNODC Regional Office for West and Central Africa




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