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2020-2019 | 2018-2016

UNODC CRIMJUST Research Segment organizes first Expert Meeting of Strategic Analysts on Cocaine Trafficking and Markets

2-3 December 2020 – UNODC Drug Research Section held the first expert meeting on cocaine trafficking and markets ahead of the release of the Global Cocaine Report.

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CRIMJUST hosts series of meetings for national stakeholders and partners to showcase 2020 achievements and align 2021 priorities

November 2020 – The EU-funded CRIMJUST Global Programme, hosted an onboarding meeting for newly supported countries on 18 November, and its Annual Meeting 24-25 November to discuss its progress during 2020 and identify its key priorities for the upcoming year.

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UNODC Country Office in Bolivia, under the framework of CRIMJUST, presents E-learning and B-Learning introductory course on asset forfeiture to national judicial authorities

14-15 October - The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), within the framework of the EU-funded CRIMJUST Global Programme, presented the Introductory Course on Asset Forfeiture, available in E-learning and B-learning modalities, to the Supreme Court of Justice and the Attorney General Office's of Bolivia in the city of Sucre.

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CRIMJUST replicates training on controlled deliveries and webinar on synthetic drugs for Lusophone countries

October 2020 - The CRIMJUST Global Programme, in partnership with the Ibero-Amreican Network of Anti-Drug Prosecutors (RFAI) and the Network of Anti-Drug Prosecutors of CPLP delivered two online activities for Lusophone countries, a training on controlled deliveries as well as a webinar on new psychoative substances, synthetic drugs and precursors.

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CRIMJUST and RFAI facilitate side-event on "Controlled Deliveries: Trans-regional Criminal Justice Cooperation in Action" during the Conference of the Parties

12 October - During the 10th session of the Conference of Parties, the CRIMJUST Global Programme and the Ibero-American Network of Anti-Drug Prosecutors hosted a side-event to promote the use of controlled deliveries as a tool of criminal justice cooperation commemorating the 20th anniversary of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime.

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 CRIMJUST holds training aiming to strengthen capacities of Argentinian prosecutors and law enforcement officials on proceeds of crime

28 September - 2 October - The CRIMJUST Global Programme held a second online training on "Strengthening capacities of criminal justice institutions in the recovery of proceeds of crime", in partnership with the Ibero-American Network of Anti-Drug Prosecutors (RFAI) of AIAMP and the Office of the Public Prosecutor in Argentina..

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CRIMJUST launches a four-part series of webinar on the importance of studying and responsible to the illicit drug market through a gender lens

23 September - The CRIMJUST Global Programme, funded by the European Union under the framework of the Global Illicit Flows Programme, held a webinar on "Victims and Participants: women along the drug supply chain, experiences from Colombia" discussing the role of women in drug production and trafficking.

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CRIMJUST and AIRCOP pool resources together to deliver online training on ethics and integrity for law enforcement officials in Cabo Verde, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau and Nigeria 

19-21 August - The global programmes CRIMJUST and AIRCOP, implemented by the United Nations on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and part of the EU-funded Global Illicit Flows Programme, joined efforts to deliver a series of country-specific trainings on ethics and integrity in law enforcement to AIRCOP Joint Airport Interdiction Task Forces (JAITFs) officials from West African countries.

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CRIMJUST and RFAI organize webinar on the evolution of the synthetic drugs and opioids markets 

19 August - The Global Programme CRIMJUST, in partnership with the Ibero-American Network of Anti-Drug Prosecutors (RFAI) of the AIAMP, organized a webinar on the evolution of the synthetic drugs and opioids markets to over 450 attendees from 26 different countries from across Central and South America and the European Union via the Microsoft Teams platform.

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UNODC strengthening of police responses to gender-based violence in Mexico proven to have strong positive impact 

July 2020 - The UNODC Liaison and Partnership Office in Mexico, with the support of the Embassy of the United States of America in Mexico and within the framework of the Global Programme CRIMJUST, began the implementation of the Program for Strengthening the Security of Groups in Situations of Vulnerability in 2016.

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CRIMJUST, in partnership with the Iberoamerican Network of Anti-Drug Prosecutors, delivers series of online courses on controlled deliveries

18-21 May - The CRIMJUST Global Programme and the Iberoamerican Network of Antidrug Prosecutors have band together to deliver four online trainings on controlled deliveries to tackle transnational drug trafficking.

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Dominican Republic, Spain and Panama review the state of the criminal justice cooperation during Inter-Regional Investigative Forum in Santo Domingo

17-18 February- CRIMJUST organized an Inter-regional Investigative Case Forum in Santo Domingo, bringing together law enforcement officials and prosecutors from Spain, the Dominican Republic and Panama to review cocaine seizures and to discuss opportunities to enhance criminal justice cooperation between the three countries.

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CRIMJUST supports follow-up Inter-regional Investigative Forum between Spain and Ecuador

13-14 February- CRIMJUST held an Inter-regional Investigative Case Forum between Spain and Ecuador in Guayaquil, involving 14 prosecutors and law enforcement officials, to review the current state of their criminal justice cooperation and to identify opportunities to strengthen their collaboration.

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Fifth CRIMJUST Project Steering Committee and Coordination takes place in Brussels

20 January- Implementation agencies, partners and donors met at the UN House in Brussels, Belgium, to review CRIMJUST's impact and achievements to date, as well as to coordinate its further implementation.

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CRIMJUST in parternship with UNODC COCOL held an all-female training for Institutional Reinforcement against Cocaine Production and Trafficking in Colombia

02-06 December - The under-representation of women in criminal justice institutions has a negative impact on numerous aspects of drug responses. UNODC CRIMJUST, with the support of SIMCI, took this issue head-on by implementing a capacity building course for female law enforcement officers and prosecutors.

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CRIMJUST supports meeting between focal points from the Network of Prosecutors of the CPLP to discuss drug trafficking

04-06 December - The CRIMJUST programme organized a meeting between prosecutors from the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP) in Lisbon as part of its efforts to foster inter-regional cooperation among prosecution agencies.

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CRIMJUST aligns efforts with UNODC Opioids Strategy to hold an Expert Meeting to validate guidelines for judiciary and forensic experts handling criminal cases involving synthetic opioids

21 November - Under the UNODC Opioids Strategy, the CRIMJUST program organized an expert meeting to review the guidelines for prosecutors, judges and forensic experts for cases involving synthetic drugs.

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CRIMJUST organizes Investigative Case Forum between the Republic of Ecuador, the Republic of Colombia and the Kingdom of Belgium

06-07 November - Law enforcement officials and prosecutors from Ecuador, Colombia and Belgium met in Bogota to discuss current cocaine trafficking trends affecting their respective countries as well as to assess the current state of their criminal justice cooperation.

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CRIMJUST welcomes investigators and prosecutors from across Africa and Brazil for an Inter-regional Drug Case Forum

29-30 October - As part of its efforts to strengthen criminal justice cooperation beyond interdiction activities, CRIMJUST held an Inter-Regional Investigative Drug Case Forum in Accra, Ghana, bringing 31 law enforcement officials and prosecutors from across Africa, Brazil, Spain and Portugal.

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Law enforcement officials and prosecutors from Bolivia and Belgium meet for the second CRIMJUST Investigative Drug Case Forum

22-24 October - Law enforcement investigators and prosecutors from Bolivia and Belgium met in Antwerp, to strengthen cooperation in the investigation and prosecution of transnational drug trafficking cases involving both countries.

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CRIMJUST holds its first Investigative Case Forum between Ecuador and Spain

01-03 October - CRIMJUST held its first Investigative Case Forum between Ecuador and Spain in Madrid, marking its strategic shift from enhancing national capacities to strengthening criminal investigation and judicial cooperation along drug trafficking routes.

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CRIMJUST holds Fourth Technical Training for Institutional Reinforcement against Cocaine Production

23-27 September - CRIMJUST held a five-day technical training for law enforcement and judicial officials from across Latin America and the Caribbean to strengthen institutional understanding of the technical and chemical processes involved in coca bush cultivation and cocaine manufacturing.

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Cabo Verde, USA and UNODC implement Basic Investigation Techniques Training for Law Enforcement officers in the island of Sao Vicente

09-13 September - A training on Basic Investigation Techniques, focused on Investigation Methodology and Interview Techniques, was carried out to strengthen criminal investigation capacities of police and public prosecutors.

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UNODC ROPAN and CRIMJUST hold workshop to combat money laundering in the Dominican Republic

31 July-02 August - UNODC ROPAN, under the framework of CRIMJUST, held a workshop on measures to combat money laundering and strengthen institutional integrity in the fight against drug trafficking for 30 prosecutors.

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CRIMJUST presents activities at the 2019 Law Enforcement Advisor Meeting in Vienna

26-29 August - CRIMJUST Head of Global Programme, Glen Prichard, and Programme Officer, Daniela Baptista were among the experts to speak at the 2019 Law Enforcement Meeting in Vienna.

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CRIMJUST holds workshop on asset recovery in Panama

24-25 July - UNODC ROPAN, under the framework of CRIMJUST, held a two-day workshop on asset recovery in the city of David, Panama, underscoring the importance of depriving organized crime groups of their illicit proceeds.

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CRIMJUST joins regional meeting to discuss key findings of UNODC study on tramadol trafficking

24-25 July - Nigeria and Regional Office for West Africa organized a meeting in Lagos on 24 and 25 July 2019 to discuss the findings of a study on tramadol and other pharmaceutical opioids trafficking in West Africa funded by the European Union (EU).

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CRIMJUST and Peru join efforts to strengthen national counter-narcotics strategy

23-25 July - UNODC officers from CRIMJUST and the Integrated Illicit Crop Monitoring System Project (SIMCI) travelled to Peru for a four-day mission to explore potential pathways to further support the country in its efforts to counter cocaine trafficking.

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  UNODC ROPAN and CRIMJUST offer judicial update on criminal justice and prosecution of organized crime in Panama

22-23 July - UNODC ROPAN and CRIMJUST, in collaboration with Project PANZ41 "Consolidation of the Criminal Procedure Reform in Panama", held a workshop to take stock of the implementation of the accusatory criminal system in Panama.

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Ghana Detective Training School officially adopts CRIMJUST training program on integrity and ethics

15-17 July - The Detective Training School of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service officially adopted the CRIMJUST Training Program on Ethics and Integrity, meaning a two-day module will now be integrated in each of its training cycles, with a view of strengthening a climate of integrity within the institution.

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CRIMJUST to provide support to Ecuador during post-seizure phases of investigations

12-16 July - In an effort to facilitate cooperation and information exchange between criminal justice agencies for effective action in drug trafficking cases, the CRIMJUST team met with senior officials from Ecuador, including prosecutors, government representatives, and Anti-Narcotics Police, in Guayaquil and Quito.

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CRIMJUST holds working group to develop procedural guide to further international judicial cooperation

08-11 July - CRIMJUST welcomed prosecutors from Argentina and Bolivia in Vienna for a week-long working group, with a view of establishing a procedural guide to enhance judicial cooperation between the two states in criminal matters.

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CRIMJUST holds regional Training-of-Trainers workshop on strengthening judicial integrity in Quito

25-26 June - CRIMJUST and the Supreme Court of Ecuador joined efforts to hold a regional Training-of-Trainers workshop on the strengthening of judicial integrity in Quito, Ecuador, for 28 judicial officials.

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CRIMJUST celebrates completion of "Basic Course on Ethics for Public Servants" for all personnel of SENAFRONT in Panama

20 June - CRIMJUST held a celebration ceremony to mark the completion of the "Basic Course on Ethics for Public Servants: a Tool to Combat Corruption" by all personnel of the National Borders Service (SENAFRONT) of Panama. Some 4,201 officials, , were trained as a result of this initiative .

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CRIMJUST holds annual meeting in Colombia

19-20 June - CRIMJUST held its second annual meeting in Cartagena, Colombia, with some 43 participants. Present were members from all participating countries as well as representatives of CRIMJUST's partners, Transparency International and INTERPOL, and its donor, the European Union.

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CRIMJUST holds side-event to promote the strengthening of capacities in the fight against drug trafficking and dismantling of cocaine labs

21 May -The event was part of a larger effort by the European Union, under the framework of CRIMJUST, to support criminal justice actors by complementing traditional responses to the fight against drug trafficking with innovative trainings designed to countering drug production, as well as in identifying and dismantling illicit laboratories.

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Expert Workshop on Teaching on Organized Crime

02-04 May -The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) under the Education for Justice (E4J) initiative, a component of the Global Programme for the implementation of the Doha Declaration, jointly with CRIMJUST Global Programme and the National Commission for Development and Life Without Drugs (DEVIDA) from Peru, organized a workshop in Lima to help countries acquire the necessary capabilities to train their experts in organized crime.

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UNODC reinforces capacities on asset forfeiture linked to drug trafficking

18- 25 March 2019 - Technical assistance on asset forfeiture seeks to complete the set of institutional and legal measures adopted by Bolivia to fight against drug trafficking.

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CRIMJUST Workshop provides insight on the role of women in illicit networks

March 9 - On International Women's Day 2019, CRIMJUST, in partnership with the Government of Panama, organized a workshop for members of the Panama judicial and public defense system and ministries to discuss the role and effects of organized crime on women.

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CRIMJUST Training of Trainers for members of the National Police organized Cape Verde

April 15-26 - A two-week long training for law enforcement in Cape Verde was organized as part of CRIMJUST's efforts to strengthen transnational judicial cooperation. It aimed to reinforce police, courts and correction system's capacities.

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CRIMJUST workshop on money laundering facilitating drug trafficking

April 03-05 - Money laundering has been identified as a key facilitator of drug trafficking networks. As such, the UNODC Office for Central America (ROPAN) organized a three-day workshop in David City, Panama, offering insights on the state of money laundering at both a national and global level, along with methods to identify and prosecute transnational financial crimes.

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UNODC strengthens capabilities on money laundering through a specialized course in Panama

25-27 February 2019 - The workshop provided a general perspective on money laundering related to drug trafficking from a national and international standpoint.

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UNODC CRIMJUST reinforces institutional capacities against cocaine production and trafficking along the cocaine route (s)

18-21 February 2019 - The training focused on enhancing the capacities of law enforcement officials in the specialized field and laboratory criminal techniques associated with drugs and chemical substances used to the production of cocaine.

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