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Human rights are at the core of all work of the UN system and - together with peace and security and development - represent one of the three, interlinked and mutually reinforcing, pillars of the United Nations enshrined in the Charter.

In implementing its mandates and supporting States to address crime, drugs and terrorism, and in coordination with the entire United Nations system, UNODC works in upholding the human rights norms enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the international human rights treaties... more 


The normative foundation of the United Nations' work on the rule of law is the Charter of the United Nations and the body of international law, including international human rights law, international criminal law, international refugee law, and international humanitarian law. Responses to drugs, crime and terrorism that are based on the rule of law must therefore also incorporate human rights law and principles.

Of particular relevance to UNODC mandates are human rights related to the areas of justice, security, and health. The prevention and reduction of all forms of violence and abuse should be at the heart of any agenda that fully recognizes the centrality of human security, both as a human rights imperative and as being integral to development... more


UNODC aims to assist Member States in building their capacity, including through criminal justice reforms as appropriate, to respect the rule of law, as well as protect and ensure legal rights that individuals and groups enjoy under domestic and international law. In practice, the Office undertakes efforts to integrate a human rights-based approach in its work, which includes the conscious and systematic integration of human rights in all stages of the programming cycle - strategy setting, programme development, resource mobilization, implementation and monitoring, and evaluation. This includes programming based on the principles of equality and non-discrimination, participation and inclusion, and accountability and the rule of law... more 




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